Around the world (one minute read)

Around the world. A saddlebag strapped on to the pillion, miles ahead stretched like and endless maze, eyes thirsty for adventure and exploration. The spirit of travelling places, unknown foreign places which were until then incomplete imaginations from those tales heard along. Paths rare treaded, lands seldom told about, he went everywhere, discovered better meanings….

Anger at those who are close to us.

Are we really angry all those times we throw an ‘adult’ tantrum at someone? Have you ever wondered why we fight more with people who are closer to us? We get more angry and express them as such at our mom/dad , girlfriend, best friend etc rather than our bosses, teachers or other friends or…

Locked Away

Every dream you see is moulded by the people around us. Society creeps into even those most private decisions you make. And if you dare to dream or wish for something out of this cage, eventually those emotions will get locked away. Thanks to todays world. 

Little thingsĀ 

Beauty is never relative. Tiny to really big, everything has its own unique beauty to boast.  -Athul Harold